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Our Story

How It All Began

"Why doesn't Baltimore have a women's shoe store?" my mother asked me one day. It definitely made me think about it for a long time. And when I say a long time, I mean a LONG time. 

It was April 2016 and I was expecting my second baby. I loved the idea, because truth be told Baltimore did not have a women's shoe store! We had kids shoes, women's clothing, and kids clothing. But, no ladies shoes. How could I expand on this? Was this even possible? I started doing a little research here and there, but dreams sometimes have to be put on hold.

Fast forward, April 2017 it was now or never. My husband and I decided to go for it. We began doing our research and I began putting my heart and soul into this new baby of mine. I had no idea how it would be perceived or how our life would be soon taken over my shoes.

March 11th, 2018 was our grand opening night and it a night we will never forget. Fast forward years later, and we ship all over the country and even outside the US! We are constantly bringing in new brands and going to shows to bring you the latest in fashion and trends. We hand pick styles that are perfect for our shoppe, but yet has a modest touch. 

Kiki's Boots is all based on one component: girl power. Reach for the stars and you can be anything. To my three stars who keep me going each day; Aria, Shiri "Kiki", and Noa always believe in yourself and that dreams do come true. To my husband Alen, without you this business would not be possible. Thank you for all you do, even packing my boxes :)

To my parents - thanks for believing in this little dream. 

And lastly, to my customers: I do it for you. Thank you for the incredible love you have shown me. You make me feel number one. 

Happy Shopping!